The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) represents innovative research-based biopharmaceutical companies, large, medium and small, leading an exciting new era of biosciences in the UK.

Our industry, a major contributor to the economy of the UK, brings life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients. We represent companies who supply more than 80 per cent of all branded medicines used by the NHS and who are researching and developing the majority of the current medicines pipeline, ensuring that the UK remains at the forefront of helping patients prevent and overcome diseases.

Globally our industry is researching and developing more than 7,000 new medicines.

The ABPI is recognised by government as the industry body negotiating on behalf of the branded pharmaceutical industry for statutory consultation requirements including the pricing scheme for medicines in the UK.

Our innovative diagnostics deliver reliable and actionable information, resulting in better clinical and economic healthcare outcomes globally.

Our socially-conscious business approach focuses on creating breakthrough, cost-effective diagnostic solutions that address the most intractable diseases for all populations in all corners of the world including infectious disease, cardiometabolic disease and toxicology.

Alere is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that patients and providers can rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information. We deploy unique innovative technologies that not only transform diagnostic products, but also expand into new platforms and solutions with proven health and economic outcomes.

Sponsor the Awards

Join us as an industry sponsor for the second annual Antibiotic Guardian Awards. The Awards will provide your organisation with an opportunity to associate your brand and services with the successful organisations at the forefront of antibiotic conservation. The Awards provide opportunity to highlight your support for this global challenge whilst being able to network with the award nominees on the evening in a relaxed social environment to build on existing business relationships and develop new ones.

Raise your profile by playing an integral role in the marketing and public relations carried out before, during and after the event.

Our award packages can be found below, enquiries to scott@4allofus.org.uk

Awards Category Sponsorship
    Branding on award
    Branding on award certificate
    Presenting the award on stage
    Branding on website awards section
    Branding in the awards programme
    Mention from guest host
    Five tickets for the awards night
    3 course meal
    Complimentary drinks on arrival

Refreshment Sponsorship

    Table at the awards
    Signage with branding at Bar area
    Mention from host
    Branding within the programme

Catering Sponsorship
    Table at the awards
    Branding on all table menus
    Signage with branding on entrance
    Branding within the programme
    Mention by award host

Awards Programme sponsorship
    Branding on all programme IFC & OBC
    Mention from host
    Four tickets to attend

For more information or to book your sponsor package email scott@4allofus.org.uk