Alere is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that patients and providers can rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information. We deploy unique innovative technologies that not only transform diagnostic products, but also expand into new platforms and solutions with proven health and economic outcomes.


Not only are our diets putting pressure on the NHS, they are also placing unsustainable pressure on the environment. We can help curb this. Since the 1960s Quorn has pioneered the search for a more sustainable approach to food, encouraging consumers to make small changes to support a healthier future.

All Quorn products contain Mycoprotein, a nutritious, meat free protein that is naturally low in fat and high in protein and fibre. And, with an 80 per cent smaller carbon footprint than meat equivalents, it is not only good for our waistlines but the world’s natural resources.

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Astellas Pharma Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company with a simple vision – to produce exceptional medicines that change tomorrow for patients in need. Headquartered in Tokyo, Astellas was founded in 2005 through the merger of Yamanouchi and Fujisawa, marrying nearly two centuries of collective experience in producing pharmaceutical drugs. We combine the deep expertise brought by this long heritage with the forward-thinking outlook of a young company. At the heart of that outlook is the patient.

Now, Astellas employs more than 17,500 people globally and is a world leader in the development of innovative new medicines. With our ethos of CHANGING TOMORROWTM, Astellas is committed to exploring therapeutic areas in which there is a vital need for treatments that improve and lengthen patients’ lives. We’re not in the business of making ‘me too’ medicines. We strive to develop therapies that are first-in-class and best-in-class. Treatments that offer patients and their doctors genuinely new options for improving care.

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Eumedica provides solutions for the logistical needs of other pharmaceutical companies, including several multinationals who call on our services for their pan-European market. With our expertise and our rapidly growing distribution network, we guarantee each of our customers the best possible service, in terms of technology, operations and people.

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Momentum BioScience

Momentum was founded to develop rapid tests for critically-important clinical specimens within the hospital microbiology laboratory. The company is headquartered near Cardiff and has a R&D facility near Oxford in the UK.

Momentum has created a new innovative technology for in-vitro diagnostic testing supporting the global fight against antibiotic resistance and the need for improved antibiotic stewardship. The technology rapidly and universally detects viable micro-organisms using a unique combination of a phenotypic marker and ultra-sensitive molecular PCR measurement. Momentum is developing a number of products and applications for the use of its ETGA®  technology. The first of these products, Cognitor® Minus, universally targets the rapid exclusion of bacteria and fungi in blood in one day vs five days in blood culture. Cognitor® Minus is CE marked and was launched at ECCMID 2015.

Oxford Biosystems

Oxford Biosystems Ltd was founded in 2001 to source and supply innovative and high quality diagnostic products and research tools to laboratories in the UK and Ireland. In 2016 we expanded our range of products to include the Eurolyser Cube and the Master Diagnostica range of DNA Flow products.

The Cube is a small, portable instrument designed to support diagnosis and treatment in primary healthcare settings including GP surgeries and clinics (point of care). Of particular interest is the rapid CRP test allowing rapid differentiation between viral and bacterial infection.

DNA Flow technology from Master Diagnostica enables the simple and rapid detection of target DNA. Results are generated in a very short period of time compared to conventional methods and the system represents an economic alternative for highly sensitive and specific molecular diagnostics. Assays are available for a variety of infection panels incorporating simultaneous detection of up to 40 pathogens and 20 antibiotic resistance genes. This provides essential information for clinicians to prescribe appropriate antibiotic therapy, reduce costs and improve patient care.


ICNet clinical surveillance software is a decision support tool that tracks your patients and their associated care data as they move throughout the hospital. Accessible via your web-based hospital intranet, the software allows you to work at the bedside with up-to-date information flowing to your laptop or tablet. Continuously monitor drug therapy and intervene as appropriate with the freedom to work on the go.


At Roche our aim is to improve the health, quality of life and well-being of people around the world by providing an innovative range of diagnostic solutions and medicines. Roche is a global, research- focused healthcare company with Group Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Our strategy is clear – the patient lives at the heart of everything we do and our focus is fitting the treatment to the patient through prescription pharmaceuticals and in-vitro diagnostics.

What makes Roche distinctive is our pursuit of excellence in science as we deliver the best solutions for healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes; this is achieved through our unique combination of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics.