PSNC promotes and supports the interests of all NHS community pharmacies in England. We are recognised by the Secretary of State for Health as the body that represents NHS pharmacy contractors. We work closely with Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) to support their role as the local NHS representative organisations.

Our goal is to develop the NHS community pharmacy service, to enable community pharmacies to offer an increased range of high quality and fully funded services that meet the needs of their local communities and provide value and good health outcomes for the NHS and the public.

We work with NHS England and other NHS bodies, and with the Department of Health, to promote opportunities for the development of community pharmacy services, and negotiate the contractual terms for the provision of NHS community pharmacy services.


The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) is the national trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests, currently representing over 150 members from the IVD industry, ranging in size from British start-up companies to UK subsidiaries of multinational corporations. IVD tests are a vital tool in the detection and identification of a wide range of pathogens responsible for a variety of infectious diseases, and are essential in guiding the appropriate treatment for patients. There is widespread recognition that in vitro diagnostics have a crucial role to play in combatting AMR, as recognised most recently in the final report of the Review on AMR.


Doctorpreneurs is the global community for doctors, medical students and individuals interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are a social enterprise committed to transforming healthcare, run by a team of dedicated doctors and medical students. With healthcare facing unprecedented challenges globally, we believe that the wealth of talent within the system will be key to driving radical change.

Our mission is to provide the next generation of medical entrepreneurs with the insight, network and opportunities to lead innovative improvement in healthcare. We inspire healthcare professionals and students to think creatively and embrace principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to improve healthcare; we connect our members with a network to help them learn and grow; and we accelerate members’ entrepreneurial journey through providing access to exciting opportunities.

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